Dates: One of Palm Springs' most celebrated fruits

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Palm Springs is best known for its Hollywood stars and golfer's paradise, but did you know the area also supplies 95 per cent of the commercial dates grown in all of the U.S.?

The date palm, widely grown in Arab countries for centuries, thrives in the area around Palm Springs due to the combination of dry, hot weather and the abundance of irrigation water from the All-American Canal. According to an old Arabian proverb, a date palm tree must have "its feet in water and its head in the fires of heaven."

If you find these sweet, delicate fruits hard to resist, you'll love tasting your way through the restaurants in Palm Springs. From sauces and salads to marinades and custards, dates appear in all sorts of variations on local menus. And no trip to Palm Springs is complete without indulging in at least one date shake.

But best of all, there's no need to feel guilty while snacking on these chewy treats. Researchers have found that dried dates contain more disease-fighting antioxidants than any other dried fruit! They're also high in iron and potassium. In other words, dates are healthy and delicious.