Mount San Jacinto

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Nestled in the sprawling San Jacinto State Park, the imposing San Jacinto peak towers over the fascinating landscape of Palm Springs Desert. Touted to be one of the most prominent peaks of the country, the mountain is marvelously mottled with craggy corrugations and sweeping escarpments. The mountain is traversed by an an array of crisscrossing trails and trams, its spectacular summit affording astounding views of the charming desert terrain beneath. A wonderland for the intrepid hiker, this imposing peak is a breathtaking, snow-glazed canopy come winter. Its pinnacle dotted with outhouses, the mountain is draped in indigenous Californian oak and pine, only further accentuated by a startlingly beautiful gradation of its neighboring environs.

Location:  Tram Way

Business hours:  Mo-Su 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.