Aux Bains Montorgueil

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The popularity of Aux Bains Montorgueil is largely due to word-of-mouth publicity generated and as a result of the numerous journalists who have written about the hammam. It may be hard to locate on Rue Montorgueil; however, once at their doorstep, patrons are transported into a world reminiscent of a Middle Eastern riad (traditional Moroccan home), where the calligraphic love poem in Arabic and the gold encrusted mosaic embraces you in opulence. The spa has steam baths, exfoliation treatments, two massage salons and a cold water pool with helpful staff catering to every desire. Both fruit and mint tea are served and if it's a couples package, expect champagne and tea cakes. Clearly, it's not easy to get in, so make sure you have confirmed reservations.

Location:  55 rue Montorgueil

Business hours:  Tu-Su 10:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.