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Adapted from the classic Disney version of the 18th-century French fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast is musical production that made its Broadway debut in 1994. The show follows the enchanted story of a girl named Belle, who turns to reading books as an escape from her monotonous life in a small provincial town in France. When her madcap father sets off into the woods to show one of his crazy inventions at a fair, he becomes lost and stumbles upon an enchanted castle and the Beast who presides over it. The Beast takes Maurice as his prisoner, and Belle's adventure begins when she agrees to trade places with her father so that he can be free. Lonely and trapped, she befriends the magical objects that inhabit the castle and slowly uncovers the kind heart buried deep within the surly Beast.

Location:  Essaïon Théâtre, 6 Rue Pierre au Lard

Date:  Jan 12, 2019 2:30 p.m.