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Of all the things to do in Paris, eating ice cream at Berthillon probably counts as one of the top ten. To get to this fabled ice cream parlor and their celebrated ice creams, head for Île Saint-Louis located in the middle of Seine river next to Notre Dame. The story of this cafe goes back to 1954 when the eponymous Raymond Berthillon brought an ice cream maker to his mother-in-law's cafe on Île Saint-Louis and created ice cream so incredibly good that it exceeds his legacy today. And the secret that went into making this heavenly dessert? Only the best ingredients, freshest fruits as they're when plucked sans any sort of stabilizers, preservatives or artificial sweeteners/flavors. At present the fourth generation of the Berthillon family runs this cafe in Île Saint-Louis along with several others across Europe. From the fruity sorbets (cassis, blackcurrant), chocolate, coffee, marrons glacés, Agenaise, nougat au miel to the popular favorite- Salted Caramel, every icy treat calls for at least two scoops. So leave the shame behind and indulge in a giant scoop on a cone just the way kids do to experience the best ice cream in the world. Closed for a few weeks during summer.

Location:  31 Rue Saint Louis en l'ile

Business hours:  We-Su 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.