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Kylie Minogue is an Australian pop singer/songwriter who has been instrumental in pushing mainstream pop to the forefront of popular culture since releasing her debut album Kylie in 1988. Initially gaining fame as an actress on a number of Australian soap operas in the mid-1980s, Minogue has continued to act--appearing in films like Moulin Rouge!, Holy Motors and Bio-Dome--though her singing career has always taken precedence. Having been a well-known pop starlet in Australia and parts of Europe for quite some time, she didn't manage to break into the American market until she released her 2001 album, Fever. Continuing to release new, forward-thinking pop material, in addition to collaborating with some high profile musicians like Nick Cave and Giorgio Moroder, Minogue is regarded as a stalwart figure of the modern pop music community.

Location:  La Seine Musicale - Grande Seine, Île Seguin

Date:  Nov 9, 2018 8 p.m.