Palace of Versailles

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Tired of Paris, the 'Sun King' - Louis XIV - commissioned architects Louis Le Vau and Jules Hardouin to build the Château de Versailles in 1664, on the site of his father's small hunting lodge. It became one of the largest palaces in Europe, accommodating up to 20,000 courtiers at a time. Charles Le Brun, a famous painter, designed the interior. The interior's highlights include the Royal Apartments and the Hall of Mirrors. The Grand Trianon (1687) and the Petit Trianon (1762) are also in the park. The former, built in stone and marble, housed Louis XIV's mistress, while the latter, a small manor house, was home to Louis XV's mistress.

Location:  Place d'Armes

Business hours:  Tu-Su 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.