Robben Ford

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Some extremely adept musicians wander through the sonic cosmos, never helming a band of their own - instead acting as a gun for hire, or, possibly more accurately, a studio musician. These folk are supreme instrumentalists - most even virtuosos - and they're called upon to make recordings glisten with professional zest and sharp production. One studio guitar slinger who broke the mold and struck out on his own is Robben Ford. The California born and bred musician has worked with a number of well known recording artists, but after tiring of his work in the studio, Ford decided to launch his own solo career. His material pulls heavily from blues, but also from rock and jazz to create an amalgamation of sound that's well suited for his astonishing instrumental skill.

Location:  Le Trianon, 80 Boulevard de Rochechouart

Date:  Nov 10, 2018 7:30 p.m.