Rue Mouffetard

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One of the oldest streets in Paris, Rue Mouffetard boasts both a lively marketplace and vibrant nightlife. "La Mouffe" is slightly suffering because of its popularity with tourists, but still retains some of its original character. The southern end is lined by open-fronted fishmongers, butchers and wine merchants. The narrowness of the street intensifies the hustle and bustle of the marketplace atmosphere emanating from the stalls of the market sellers further down in Square St Médard. The northern end, around Place de la Contrescarpe, is also worth a visit and has some good bars, (L'Irlandais and Le Requin Chagrin), and cheap restaurants. -Greg Blackman. For further information on the same you can call on +33 8 3668 3112.

Location:  Rue Mouffetard