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Seefeel is a British electronic group that uses instrumentation to create a unique style that blurs the lines between genres like ambient, post rock and dream pop. Founded in 1992, Seefeel initially started off creating fairly melodic and uplifting music, although after signing with the seminal electronic label Warp Records, the band's sound began to get a bit more dark and experimental. Though the band's sound can often pander with no clear direction, the collective thought and synergy that exists between the members of the group is hard to rival amongst other bands in the modern music scene. The group split up in 1996, but got back together in 2008 and has since been playing shows in addition to recording and releasing its eponymously titled comeback album in 2011.

Location:  Terrasse du Petit Bain, 7 Port de la Gare, Petit Bain

Date:  Nov 24, 2018 7 p.m.