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Board one of Westwind's Cessna Grand Caravans and you'll fly from the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport to Grand Canyon National Park Airport, located just outside the park's boundaries in Tusayan, Arizona. Along the way, guests are provided insight into the area's topographical and historical features, like the red rock formations around Sedona, which stand out brilliantly against the surrounding desert.

Upon landing, you're transferred to a chauffeured van and shuttled inside the park to view the canyon from one of the South Rim's overlook points and interpretive centres. Then it's off to Grand Canyon Village, where everyone eats lunch at one of the park's cafeterias. (The cost is included in the tour price.)

Following that, you'll have free time to explore the various gift shops, Native art galleries and historic structures that line this well-travelled section of the South Rim. Before heading back to Phoenix, the Cessna makes one very important detour - a 20- to 30-minute flyover of the Grand Canyon at approximately 305 metres above the rim. It provides the kind of breath-catching perspective you just can't get from the observation decks along the pathway.

If you're not one for flying (the Cessna can be a bumpy ride when the winds pick up) and you'd rather drive to the Grand Canyon, the trip from central Phoenix takes between four and five hours.