Eskers Provincial Park

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Outdoor Activities

Eskers, after which the Eskers Provincial Park is named, allude to the winding ridges left behind by sand and gravel, and form the defining feature of this remarkable park. The provincial park is sprawled over 3,979 hectares (9832.32 acres), and is home to numerous small lakes, soft emerald terrains that seem to stretch forever, and trails shrouded by gorgeous Douglas Fir, spruce and lodgepole pine trees. A natural haven for outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe, the park transforms into a winter wonderland when it is blanketed by a thick carpet of snow, forming the ideal terrain for sports like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. At the height of summer, visitors can undertake activities like canoeing in any of the park's peaceful lakes, fishing, hiking along the myriad trails, or spot regional wildlife like beaver, moose, and black bear.

Location:  Ness Lake Road North