Fraser River

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Starting at the Fraser Pass where its origins is a spring, high up in the Canadian Rockies in the Mount Robson Provincial Park and then finally flowing into the Strait of Georgia, Fraser River is the province's most prominent water body and the longest of all rivers in the state. The river's wild rapids intensify when it reaches Prince George as it joins its tributaries. The river is home to five species of Pacific Ocean salmon and is a reputed salmon fishery. It also has other types of fish such as trout, white sturgeon and smelt. Its basin supports alpine tundra, coastal rainforest, coniferous forest and grasslands, thus making it ecosystem diverse. Formed millions of years ago, its main source are the melting glaciers, heavy rain and snowfall. Named in honor of Simon Fraser who was the first European to traverse almost the entire river, it holds a lot of significance in British Columbia's cultural and natural heritage.

Location:  Fraser River