Moore's Meadow

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Outdoor Activities

Once the home site and farmstead of Prince George pioneer Charles Moore, the gently rolling expanses of this park form what is known as Moore's Meadow. Blessed with abundant greenery, the meadow is teeming with a dense thicket of trees and shrubs that disappear into a welter of trails spanning nearly five kilometers (3.10 miles). The tree-lined paths in the meadow lead to a mystical glacial kettle left behind by the vestiges of the Ice Age tens of thousands of years ago. At the height of summer, the meadow offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and biking, while fall is dedicated to the sheer pleasure of watching the trees in the meadow change into softer hues of amber. In winter, the park glistens under a thick blanket of snow, calling out to winter enthusiasts to engage in activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Location:  Foothills Boulevard