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A vivid nautical theme runs through the decor of this local culinary gem. With the talented Chef Thomas Ackermann at its helm, Le Papillon has come to be renown as one of Puerto Plata's very best. The casual ambiance sets your heart at ease, while an eclectic selection of cuisines invites you to experience fine dining with a decidedly Caribbean twist at Le Papillon. Although best known for its surf 'n' turf and seafood dishes, you'll also find a selection of international cuisines to choose from with everything from beef, pork and chicken, to vegetarian-friendly dishes that are no less delicious. Each dish is made-to-order and served fresh amidst driftwood, aquariums and swaying palms as you sip on fine wine in the company of that special someone at Le Papillon. Apart from traditional Caribbean fare and fresh seafood specials, Le Papillon also offers continental dishes like pasta, salad and steak.

Location:  Off Carratera Navarrete Puerto plata, Villas Cofresi

Business hours:  Tu-Su 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.