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If music is your passion, Roxy Rock House is the place for you. It offers a spicy international menu of musical acts, that effortlessly make it one of the best clubs for live music. The house band fills in whenever there is a gap in schedule and there are powerful jam sessions after 10p weekday evenings. Blues, rock, samba, salsa, reggae, jazz; you name it and it is likely being played. The line up changes frequently, so check at the club to find out what is on and when. There is no cover charge and it is located about two blocks south of the Rio Cuale Bridge. With so much to offer, Roxy Rock House makes one the best venues for singles and best dive bars in the city.

Location:  217 Ignacio L. Vallarta

Business hours:  Mo-Su 9:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.