Don Queco Cigar & Rum Bar

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The Dominican Republic is among the leading producers of cigars and the Caribbean leads the pack for rum production. Named in honor of one of the country's distinguished statesman and co-founder, Don Queco Cigar & Rum Bar in the Westin Puntacana Resort & Club is one of the premier bars for cigar and rum aficionados. Snug with leather chairs, dim lights, cozy sofas and wooden flooring, the bar is decked with vintage rum barrels. The glass enclosed, temperature-controlled humidor showcases the finest range of cheroot. Puff away brands like Arturo Fuente, Seijas, Monte Cristo, Romeo y Julieta, Vega Fina and La Flor Dominicana. Take a sip of premium rum labels such as Brugal Añejo and Malibu.

Location:  Playa Blanca, Westin Puntacana Resort & Club