Opened in 2003, Jellyfish will charm you in many ways than one. Its unusual jellyfish inspired, bi-level structure gives you a feel that you are in the outdoors, though there is an outdoor area as well. No matter where you are sitting, you can see the ocean clearly. This beach-side restaurant besides being a much sought-after wedding destination is also among the best seafood eatery in town. Crustaceans, shellfish and fish freshly caught by local fishermen are cooked to perfection and rightly seasoned. They also have meat and pastas in their menu. During the night, the lighting gives the place an ethereal look, ideal for a romantic dinner. Reservations are recommended.

Location:  Playa de Bávaro, Bávaro

Business hours:  Mo-Su 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.