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On the south shore of the River Charles, the Stade Municipal occupies a large quarter within the bounds of Parc Victoria. The stadium, officially known as Stade Canac, broke ground in 1938, and completed construction in 1939 after erstwhile premier Maurice Duplessis, an ardent baseball fan, recognized the need for a concrete sports facility. Resembling a colossal educational institution from the outside, the stadium features a main concourse on the ground level, along with concession stands, a gift store and team offices and rooms. Both the left and right fields span 96 meters (315 feet), while the center field covers an area of 120 meters (380 feet). Proud home field of the Quebec Capitales of the Canadian-American Association of Baseball or Can-Am, Stade Municipal majorly hosts baseball-related sporting events, and accommodates up to 4800 people within its sprawling bounds.

Location:  100 Rue du Cardinal Maurice-Roy