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Théâtre Periscope is a popular name in the field of theater and is home to some of the best artistic performances in the city. Theater lovers will adore the passel of exotic and charming theatrical shows staged on the dais from time to time. Discover innovative acts even as you treat your senses to a brilliant amalgamation of visuals, conceptual solidity and auditory brilliance. The theater comprises of 4 main entertanment zones: the main theater, the Salle Bleue; which hosts intimate cultural and corporate dos, meetings and conferences, the studio Marc Doré and the exhibition space, Le Foyer. Also, you will find theater companies like Niveau Parking, Blanc, Les Nuages en Pantalon and Gros Becs, situated in the premises of the Periscope, performing often in the theater. Check website for more details on current and upcoming events.

Location:  2 rue Crémazie Est