Mosaic Stadium

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Home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Mosaic Stadium was completed in the summer of 2016, following a surprise announcement at a pre-game ceremony held at the erstwhile Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field. The stadium boasts of an urbane arena built into a sunken basin, with a semi-circular roof girdling its rim. The roof's curved design ensures the prevention of any icy accumulation during winters, while an engineered slant protects spectators from bright sunlight. It also features a two-level premier lounge and 38 corporate suites, alongside a hydrotherapy room, a sprawling training facility and a 120-seat auditorium to be used by the team. Before the official inauguration of the stadium, two test events were held at the arena, one of which was headlined by Canadian singer Bryan Adams.

Location:  1734 Elphinstone Street