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If you love history and are intrigued by the Middle Ages, then Stone Hall Castle Tours Inc is certainly the place to be. Considered to be the nation's only Medieval-style structure, it is however interesting to note that the history of the building goes back to 1926. Built as a fortress home for Francis Nicholson Darke's (a prominent citizen), wife, Annie to withstand any natural calamity, the Darke residence indeed withstood many storms and kept Annie safe until her death in 1964. For a period of time, the building was a funeral home and everyone forgot about the history of this stone building. Over the decades, it fell into disrepair. The current house is the brainchild of its new owner, Jason Michael Hall, whose love for everything medieval, transformed this place into a grand medieval property. Years of labor and detailed planning has transformed this structure into something that you would normally see in period dramas on television screens. The tour takes you through the entire building where every item is authentic and transports you to a different era. It is not surprising that this labor of love is also the home of Jason Hall.

Location:  2210 College Avenue