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Wascana Park is an exquisite stretch of lush greenery located along the creek at the north shore of Wascana Lake. Part of the Wascana Centre, this park is among the first developed parks of the city. It features groomed trails and a picturesque, four-kilometer (2.5-mile) walking pathway that encircles the tranquil lake. The lake itself dates back to the early days of 1883, when the Wascana Creek was dammed to fill the lake with water for wandering livestock. Over the years, the lake deepened, and the area surrounding the lake was beautified, resulting in the verdant expanse it boasts of today. The park harbors a fair share of waterfowl on the serene lake, from geese and swans, to duck and pelicans. This motley aviary set is admired by visitors from benches that dot the shoreline. For several, the park is also one of the best places in the city to watch the sun as it plunges into the horizon.

Location:  2900 Wascana Drive, Wascana Centre