Boca del Diablo

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Though Samaná's coast has its share of blowholes, Boca del Diablo might be the biggest of the lot. A blowhole is a geological wonder that spurts out seawater jets. It is actually caused when sea caves expand towards the surface by the pounding waves. If there is a crevice in these caves then the forceful waves surge through these holes like an eruption. Boca del Diablo is near Playa Fronton and is surrounded by a forest. Don't get scared when you hear a loud noise as if a mighty wind is gushing in when you near this place. Most of the time you will see air venting out, but during rough sea days, the spurts of water jets is truly enchanting. If you are nearby, chances are you will get drenched, but then that is the fun about a blowhole.

Location:  Camino a Playa Frontón, Las Galeras