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Set in a cozy place, Cafe de Paris is often visited by the locals who want to treat themselves to some refreshing drinks and quick eatables. The simple decor of the place comprises of wooden flooring and furnishings with dimmed lights hanging on the wall creating a pleasant atmosphere. Patrons can make themselves comfortable and enjoy the music playing in the background. One can easily spot items like pizzas, crepes, sandwiches and more on the menu and the bar is full of drinks such as Rum Coke, wines and beers. The staff here is quite friendly and attentive and you can even ask them for recommendations from the menu. If you are at Samaná and you are looking for a quick snack with some flavorsome drinks, certainly head to Cafe de Paris.

Location:  Avenida La Marina, Suite 6

Business hours:  Mo-Su 10:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m.