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Characterized by Karst Plateau and a safe keeper of Taino's natural and cultural resources, Los Haitises National Park is one of the most significant national parks in Dominican Republic. It was declared an official tourist attraction in 1976. Situated southeast of Samana Bay, this 208-square kilometer (80.3-square mile) natural treasure is comprised of a series of hillocks divided by narrow gullies, which creates the impression of numerous tiny islands or keys. Conical limestone hills with sinkhole formations are commonly found in the park. Several picturesque caverns filled with sea water have formed natural pools inside. Mangrove swamps represent large sections of the park, and its various ecosystems provide protection for native and migratory species of birds and animals. Apart from the 200 bird species spotted here, Pelicans and Barn owls are some of the rare bird species that intrigue ornithologists and bird watchers the most. Dolphins are often spotted in the park's waters thanks to the rich marine ecosystem. Another point of interest here is the petroglyphs and pictograms whose origins supposedly date back to the Taino community. A picturesque location with rich bio diversity, Los Haitises is undoubtedly, Dominican Republic's best natural prize.

Location:  Los Haitises

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