Samaná Bay

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While countries fought for its locations and Tainos left their marks in the cavernous formations, Samana Bay's beauty remained unaffected by man's doings. Flanked by Los Haitises National Park and Samana Province, Samaná Bay lies along the Mona Passage that connects the North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The Yuma River, an important river in the country, flows into this bay, which is also among the best Caribbean natural harbors. A popular destination for ecotourism, this beautiful peninsula has many pristine beaches, pre-Columbian caves and protected islands. A nesting haven for Pelicans and Frigates, the bay has a rich biodiversity with a myriad of terrestrial and marine species that have found their homes here. A breeding ground for over 2000 Humpback Whales, the magnificent aquatic creatures are often sighted enjoying the cascading waves of the turquoise oceans.

Location:  Samaná Bay