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Christopher Titus, best known as the creator and star of FOX's "Titus" and currently the host of History Channel's "Pawnography", headlines the American Comedy Co. in San Diego. His comedy transforms the brutal truth of his dysfunctional childhood and family tragedies into explosively funny material, and takes a hard look at America's troubled society. His 2004 stand-up special "Norman Rockwell is Bleeding" aired on Showtime, and Comedy Central showed the premieres of 2007's "The 5th Annual End of the World Tour", 2009's "Love is Evol" and 2011's "Neverlution". His current tour, "The Angry Pursuit of Happiness", includes all-new material that's part rant, part confession, part therapy and always hilarious.

Location:  The American Comedy Co., 818 B 6th Avenue

Date:  Aug 2, 2018 8 p.m.