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For those who enjoy eating off of their friend or spouse's plate, Costa Brava offers many tapas that give everybody a chance to enjoy each other's food without the leftover guilt. Among their menu, they offer pollo al ajillo (sauteed chicken in a garlic and wine sauce), aceltunas allnadas (marinated olives), pulpo a la vinagreta (marinated octopus), and other great tapas to share. Throughout the week, the dining room of Costa Brava is filled with the sounds of Flamenco, Spanish guitar, and other authentic sounds to complement your meal. For anyone who wants to enjoy an authentic experience with authentic food, Costa Brava's dining room definitely sets the stage with a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Location:  1653 Garnet Avenue

Business hours:  Su-Sa 11:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m.