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East Village is the most interesting part of San Diego's downtown. Start with a breakfast of rancheros verde (a mix of beans, cheese, eggs and salsa) or pappas loco (a hearty combo of potatoes, black beans, cheese and avocado) at The Mission.

Then, spend the better part of a day wandering through the neighbourhood's arts collectives and galleries. The Machine Shop Gallery specializes in urban and graphic arts. Space 4 Art is a unique live/work space and gallery housing more than 30 writers, artists and musicians. Also worth a visit is the Periscope Project, an indoor-outdoor workspace and gallery made from four shipping containers. The adjoining garden is built with used tires and found objects.

End your East Village experience in San Diego's most secretive bar, Noble Experiment. Make sure you follow these directions carefully: Walk into Neighborhood, a fabulous burger restaurant on G Street. Walk to the back of the restaurant and push against the stack of beer kegs next to the ladies room. The false wall swings open to reveal a dimly lit alcove.

A staffer checks your reservation (only texted bookings are accepted), then leads you into the next room where a wall of golden skulls greets you. Sit at the bar and make sure to order one of their excellent cocktails.