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Barrio Logan is only a 15-minute drive from the Mexican border but sometimes it feels even closer. The neighbourhood has been the centre of San Diego's working-class Latino community for generations. Local San Diego creatives discovered the Barrio in the last few years. Faith, family and Chicano culture still rule here and make the community worth discovering.

Begin your tour of the Barrio in Chicano Park. This is where the Latino community's politicians hold their rallies, where low-rider club members come to show off their cars and where families gather to picnic on the grass. But Chicano Park's main draw has to be the vibrant murals dating back to the 1970s. Chicano heroes, religious figures, Spanish slogans and other icons of Latino pride colour the massive concrete pillars supporting the Coronado Bridge overhead.

If Chicano Park is the historic heart of the Barrio, then Las Cuatro Milpas is its culinary centre. For years, this working-class cafeteria has been the main reason San Diegans from outside the neighbourhood came to visit Barrio Logan. The line snakes out the door every lunch hour, but the chefs here are sure to reward your wait with simple and inexpensive meals like rice and bean tamales, chorizo con huevos and pork burritos.

The "new" Barrio is represented by galleries and arts performance spaces like the Voz Alta Project, The Bakery and The Roots Factory. All bring new artists to the area while honouring the Barrio's Latino origins.

A favourite among the tenants, however, is the eclectic Two Roses Inc. In 2006, Randy Janson left Palm Beach's surf scene to open this combination cafe, tattoo parlor and barber shop. It's hard not to love a place where you can get an Italian espresso, a straight-razor shave and a tattoo by one of California's most renowned artists. It's worth a visit if only for a coffee and to see the beautiful vintage barber chairs.