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Outdoor Activities

The centerpiece of the blissful Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo is a true world leader in its field. Spread over 99 acres (40 hectares) of diverse landscapes, the zoo is home to an excess of 3,700 exotic fauna that belongs to 650 species or subspecies. Established in the year 1916, it is one of the few non-profit wildlife conservation zones to nurture the highly-endangered Giant Panda. Laden with man-made habitats that emulate various topographies from around the globe, the park's most-visited exhibits include the Monkey Trails, the Polar Bear Plunge, Elephant Odyssey, Tiger River, Koalafornia and the Panda Trek. Virtually every nook and corner of the zoo is made conveniently accessible by the beloved Skyfari, which is a gondola system that traverses nearly 75 percent of the property.

Location:  2920 Zoo Drive, Balboa Park

Business hours:  Mo-Su 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.