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Beach Blanket Babylon started 40-odd years ago, springing from the creative mind of impresario Steve Silver, as a rag-tag collection of bizarrely costumed street theater performers. It is a fairy tale for adults, wherein Snow White takes a fast-paced musical journey in search of her Prince Charming. Along the way, Snow White encounters a star-studded, always changing, always contemporary line up of hilarious pop culture characters like Rush Limbaugh, Oprah Winfrey, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart, George W. Bush, Britney Spears and the gang from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, just for good measure! This preposterous romp is music, mayhem, madness and altogether an amazing night of nut-cake cabaret and razor sharp satirical wit. Beach Blanket Babylon is a must see for San Francisco tourists and locals. Club Fugazi is a permanent home for them as all their shows are performed here.

Location:  Club Fugazi, 678 Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard

Date:  Sep 26, 2018 8 p.m.