Children's Creativity Museum

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Children's Creativity Museum

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Young creativity is blossoming inside this space-age glass and metal cone. The Children's Creativity Museum is the place for budding kid and teen artists to hone their skills while also discovering new ones. Visual, media and performing artists are always on hand to interact with the museum's visitors. Children are encouraged to help with projects, including stop-motion animation, digital photography, and the cutting-edge, new media form of web casting. Do not miss the Charles Loof carousel (circa 1906); its hand-carved wooden animals have been restored to their original baroque perfection. There is also a theater on the premises used for various performances of different genres that stem outside the children's genre. This place is wonderful fun for the whole family.

Location:  221 Fourth Street

Business hours:  We-Su 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.