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Formed in 1997, Death Cab For Cutie built a dedicated following with the accessible songwriting and all-too relatable lyrics of front man Ben Gibbard. With an affinity for packaging heartbreak, loneliness and other universal struggles into compact stories, Gibbard applies his own meandering narrative style to the rock solid rhythm section of bassist Nick Harper and drummer Jason McGerr, resulting in songs that capture the pain and beauty of the human condition both sonically and lyrically. Death Cab For Cutie released its debut LP, Something About Airplanes, in 1998 but truly solidified itself into indie rock history with the 2003 record Transatlanticism. Hailed by fans and critics for its imaginative yet approachable songwriting, the album catapulted the band to new heights and raised the bar of how far "indie" bands could creep into the mainstream while still remaining beloved by its initial fan base.

Location:  The Greek Theatre, 2001 Gayley Road, University of California Berkeley

Date:  Sep 27, 2018 8 p.m.