Get your meals at San Francisco's many food carts

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Food carts can be vans, barbecues or even two-wheeled contraptions where the chef has to add locomotion to his list of duties. Don't let the size of the cart fool you about the quality of the food. Many cart-pushers are refugees from the high-pressure world of haute cuisine. With just a few wheels and no white linens to wash, they're free to come and go as they please, popping up whenever the mood strikes them.

Due to their small size, most carts specialize in a single kind of food. The best way to finish a walk on the beach is to seek out the Brass Knuckle truck covered in graffiti. Try the Snoop Dog, a hot dog wrapped in bacon with teriyaki mayo and radish sprouts, or the Bel Beef Divoe, with coffee-braised brisket with pickled onions and slaw.

If that sounds too heavy, head for the crispy garlic tofu buns at Chairman Bao, or the deconstructed chicken samosas from Curry Up Now.

No day is complete without a visit to The Crème Brûlée Cart. There's nothing quite like standing on a street corner watching a guy with a flame torch putting the finishing touches on your dark-chocolate Grand Marnier brûlée.