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Recognizable for his "guit-steel" double-neck guitar, Jamieson Brown is a country music artist who goes by the name Junior Brown. He perfected his guitar skills while playing with various bands such as The Last Mile Ramblers and Asleep at the Wheel, and eventually invented his own double-neck guitar, a hybrid between an electric and lap steel guitar, in 1985. The guitar allowed him to switch effortlessly from playing regular six-string guitar and to slide guitar, and the frequent transitions between the two styles became his signature. Brown finally released his debut solo album 12 Shades of Brown, in 1990 and quickly garnered industry attention with his neotraditional country sound infused with elements of Americana, blues and surf rock. Over three decades after his first recording with The Last Mile Ramblers, 1974's The Last Mile Ramblers--While They Last!, Brown is still recording and releasing new material such as his 2005 record, Live at the Continental Club: The Austin Experience.

Location:  Sweetwater Music Hall, 19 Corte Madera Avenue

Date:  Aug 2, 2018 8 p.m.