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Formed in the early 1990s in the small Northern California town of Chico while its members were attending college there, The Mother Hips have since become a popular staple in the American folk rock community. In what would be an unbelievable experience for any up-and-coming band, The Mother Hips were signed by legendary producer Rick Rubin to his American Recordings label while each of the band's members were still students. Suddenly thrust into the spotlight, the group seemed likely to break out into the mainstream with its engaging blend of alternative county, California soul, folk and old-fashioned rock and roll. And though the band's successes never fully turned it into a household name as some had expected, it remains very successful as both a recording and touring act.

Location:  Sweetwater Music Hall, 19 Corte Madera Avenue

Date:  Oct 30, 2018 8 p.m.