Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels

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Practical Information

Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels is one of the most venerated places of worship in Costa Rica. The legend goes that a small girl found a statue of Virgin Mary carrying an infant Jesus, which she took along with her. The statue was found on the rock where she found it, and later again even after she gave it to a priest who locked it in a box. Built in 1639, an earthquake destroyed certain parts of the structure. It was, later, built on the site of the rock where the statue is believed to have been found. A mix of Byzantine grandeur and Colonial symmetry, the main altar of the church is ornate, carved in a golden, gilded dome and lunettes. A popular site of Pilgrimage which is called Romeria, the pilgrims cover a distance of 22 kilometers (13.67 miles) and worship the holy rock. The Basilica lights up in different colors and is a visual treat at night.

Location:  Av. 1 del Comercio