La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park

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Outdoor Activities

La Paz Waterfall Gardens is one of the most picturesque parks in the Alajuela Province. Aside from the gorgeous waterfall for which the park is named, this stunning park is one of the top ecological reserves in the country of Costa Rica. The park boasts an animal sanctuary that is home to over a hundred species of native animals, including birds and reptiles. There are various trails within the park that will allow hikers to go on fascinating adventures exploring the park and the beautiful 120-feet waterfall. A butterfly observatory and an aviary are some of the highlights of the beautiful waterfall gardens. La Paz Waterfall Gardens also offers accommodations for those who are looking to stay overnight and commune with nature for more than just a day. A tropical design lodging in tandem with the idea of the gardens, embellished with a lagoon pool with waterfalls, this can be considered as an artificial island surrounded by nature's bounty and beauty.

Location:  La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Vara Blanca