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Located in the Escazú hills, a few kilometers west of San José, this restaurant offers a magnificent 270-degree view of the Central Valley and San Jose. Le Monastere is housed in a building that was first constructed for an elite family in the early 1900s and then turned into a monastery before finally transforming into the elegant restaurant it is today. Guests are served by waiters clad in 19th-Century monks' garb, and the menu highlights some of the best recipes from France. Be sure to try the mouth-watering fried Camabert in blackberry sauce. Diners can also choose from an impressive wine list that boasts selections from all across Europe.

Location:  off Santa Ana Road from Escazú, turn left at Multicentro Paco; follow green crosses

Business hours:  Mo-Sa 6:30 p.m.-11:00 p.m.