Museum of Costa Rican Art

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Museum of Costa Rican Art

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The Museum of Costa Rican Art (MAC) is a national treasure that is home to the largest public art collection in the country. With over 6000 individual works of art, the museum boasts a diverse collection that represents the work of both regional and international artists. Of particular interest is an extensive collection of artwork by Juan Manuel Sanchez, made up of over 4000 pieces donated to the museum by his wife following the artist's demise. Through a robust educational program, the museum also seeks to create an awareness of and appreciation for the vibrant world of the visual arts, furthering its goal of the preservation and encouragement of the locals arts scene. Set inside the Spanish-style building that once served as the nation's international airport, the museum itself is a beautiful sight to behold and a fitting home for the nation's revered artists.

Location:  Calle 42 and Paseo Colon, Parque Metropolitano de La Sabana

Business hours:  Tu-Su 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.