The Spa at Condado Vanderbilt

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The Spa at Condado Vanderbilt is a wellness sanctuary. Illuminated in gentle lights and engulfed in exotic aromas, the spa sets a perfect mood for the pampering that awaits you. There are a number of treatments to choose from; go for their Signature Massage and relax those tired muscles, or opt for Cranial Sacral and the Shiatsu Therapy to relieve stress. The spa is also home to a Hammam which is an epitome of sheer luxury. Here, skilled therapists work magic into your being while you relax on a warm, marble bed. Aromatic olive oil soap pampers your senses while you lay under a soothing shower. There's a lounge serving refreshing beverages, a drink from here is a must after your relaxing escaped.

Location:  1055 Ashford Avenue, Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

Business hours:  Mo-Su 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.