Viejo San Juan (Old San Juan)

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With more than 400 beautifully restored buildings, many from the 17th Century, Old San Juan is a haven of specialty shops, art galleries, museums, arts and crafts boutiques, open-air cafes, tree-shaded squares and monuments. Although the island is not duty free, there's no sales tax in Puerto Rico. It is a shopper's paradise with bargains on hand rolled cigars, coffee, straw weaving, carved religious figures, festival masks, rum and musical instruments. Walk along cobblestone streets to designer outlets. Some of the best buys are undervalued original works of art by local artisans, as well as handmade lace and ceramics. Don't look for bargains in electronics or perfume.

Location:  Calle del Mercado

Business hours:  Mo-Su 12:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m.