Outdoor Activities

A towering landmark synonymous with Santa Lucia, the Pitons comprise of two famous mountains that are actually volcanic plugs, land that is created when magma hardens within a vent over an active volcano. One is referred to as Petit Piton and the other Gros Piton, reaching peaks of 743 meters (2437 feet) and 771 meters (2529 feet) respectively. A world heritage site, the Pitons' forested slopes tumble into ravines filled with rainwater and plunging cliffs carved out of volcanic rock. In addition to the rich geology that they share, both mountains boast challenging hiking trails that make it a sought-after destination among thrill-seekers. From the top of the peak, Santa Lucia sprawls in all its verdant glory and the panoramic vista encompasses villages with their bright roofs and the glittering ocean beneath.

Location:  Piton Management Area