National Nature Reserve of St. Martin

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National Nature Reserve of St. Martin or Réserve naturelle de Saint-Martin was established in 1998 to protect the varied landscape and ecosystems of this area. Set on the French side of the island, it spreads across over 3060 hectares (7561.43 acres), of which 2900 hectares (7166.06 acres) is offshore. Comprising of phanerogams (seed plants), coral reefs, salt ponds, a marshy dry forest and mangroves, it features trails, rocky cliffs and beaches. Due to its diversity, you will a vast number of marine species, birds, mammals and terrestrial species intriguing. From iguanas to sea turtles, dolphins and humpback whales, the wildlife in this habitat will surely enthrall you. Explore the four distinct trails across the reserve to discover its biodiversity.

Location:  Anse Marcel