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An underwater trip where you don't swim but walk on the seafloor, that's what SeaTrek Helmet Diving is all about. A name to be reckoned with for helmet diving, SeaTrek has 51 branches across the globe. There Philipsburg is a great option to get up-close and personal with the marine life. Though the actual trek takes around 30 minutes, the overall trip from the boat ride to Little Bay till the dive will take two and a half hours. Don the helmet which is till the shoulder and the water shoes before you ascend down a ladder to the ocean floor. Tread along the ocean floor and come across colorful fishes, reefs and wrecks. You can also swim or snorkel before this sojourn if you want to. Their experienced guides will ensure you have a memorable trip. The minimum age for this fantastic tour is eight years.

Location:  24 C.A. Cannegieter Street, Bobby's Marina