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Darryl Lenox is a stand-up comedian whose entry into the world of comedy came via a friend's dare to try out an open-mic night in Seattle. Now based out of New York City, Lenox has paid his dues on the comic circuit since 1989, and has recently been rewarded for his efforts with appearances on BET, A&E and Comedy Central. His style is mostly observational, touching on the mundane trivialities of everyday life in a sarcastic, biting fashion. He will, however, occasionally deliver some topical humor, which he uses to point out governmental hypocrisy and his problems with the state of the world. Lenox is legally blind in one eye and will often work jokes about his disability into his stand-up routines.

Location:  McCurdy's Comedy Theatre and Humor Institue, 1923 Ringling Boulevard

Date:  Aug 15, 2018 7 p.m.