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If the name doesn't entice you, then you aren't a meat lover. Man vs. Meat is for all those who love their chunks of meat in the form of a sandwich. Opened in 2011, this small eatery may not have enough place for a dine-in but it is a popular spot for take-outs and deliveries. Their homestyle cooking has earned them a steady influx of fans. Their poutine with different meat versions is a hit among patrons. The menu is full of hot and cold options, burgers and soups. Dig into their creations like the Chicken Parmesan, Pulled Pork Sliders, Meatloaf Marinara, Blackened Steak, Thanksgiving Sandwich, Braised Beef Poutine and Braised Beef Sandwich. Generously portioned, you can have a filling meal that will please your wallet as well.

Location:  1101 Victoria Avenue East

Business hours:  Mo-Sa 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.