JFL42 with Joe Rogan

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Certain individuals possess such a strong sense of character and individuality that it's difficult to interfere or get in the way of their staunch personality. Comedian Joe Rogan is one such character. He has held a number of different roles over his career, including co-host of The Man Show, Commentator for Ultimate Fighting Championship and host of the reality television program Fear Factor, but he originally got his start performing stand up comedy. As outspoken as they come, Rogan has derailed other comedians for what he perceives to be plagiarizing and is not afraid to call someone out if he believes a stand up comic is ripping off of another comedian. His razor sharp commentary on the life of a man living in the 21st century is considered offensive by some, but others consider him to be one of the leading comedians of his generation.

Location:  Ricoh Coliseum, 45 Manitoba Drive

Date:  Sep 29, 2018 7 p.m.